Merchant/contractors: Britain’s best woodfloor finishers working with the world’s best finishes.

Over 20 years operating in London and across the United Kingdom Dane Care contractors have commissioned or refinished 1000’s of floors and built an enviable reputation for flexibility and reliability in handing over the most beautiful wood finishes possible. Out of this have come numerous innovations in technique and tool which we pass on to our customers for goods.

The job also involves facilitating maintenance of floors to prevent damage and further sanding work in the future even in very high wear scenarios. This is done by training clients’ staff or quoting for our own maintenance services. This sets us apart from other flooring tradesmen, since we making product decisions in the knowledge that we will be answering for them in years to come.

Wood that is supplied unfinished or has sustained damage finish, will need suitable preparation before finishing. This will either be scrub washing or sanding during which dust or noise disturbance is kept to the absolute minimum through Dane Care’s skill and the use of the best equipment available. When correctly maintained, an oiled finish should be everlasting. The importance of this cannot be understated given that a great many floors, worktops, tables etc are nowadays constructed using veneers of limited thickness and floors in many homes or businesses are extremely difficult to take out of use for more than a short period.

A Danish oiled wood surface has not got the ‘coated’ look you may associate with a varnished one. To the contrary, the wood itself is smoothed and very well honed, so that its specular reflection is perfect at low angles, but minimal at high angles. In practice this means when walking into a room you see a smooth and clean surface. When you’re on the floor and looking down, however, there is no reflection to prevent you seeing the beauty of the wood grain and colour. Furthermore, you are in direct contact with the wood so it feels warmer and indeed sounds quieter.

Drawing on a broad supplier base we can offer a wide variety of lyes, stains & oils for finishing woods. All are previously tested on projects and are sure to meet designers’ & their customers’ most discerning needs. Training instructions are prepared either with floors in mind or for work on other surfaces.

The business is unique in having gathered, after 20 years of work, well over 2000 customers who remain in touch and draw on our product supply or maintenance service. They share their experiences so we can be confident in saying how our finishes will be after 1, 5, 10 or even 15 years.

Every project and enquiry brings something new so please get in touch to discuss your needs. Its always a pleasure to talk!

Dane Care sticks to principles to ensure the best for our customers

  • directly employed operatives will always be available to undertake Danish oiling work on your behalf. Dane Care does not subcontract.
  • a finishing system won’t be promoted unless it has already been applied successfully elsewhere by our own employees
  • for customers that have their own tradesmen we will provide training instructions on what is required to carry through a Danish oiling project
  • an efficient webshop will be maintained so customers can buy products swiftly and at competitive prices regardless of who or where they are
  • to maintain supply of samples so customers can test the products before buying larger quantities
  • to actively seek reselling partners so our products are also available off the shelf as close to our customers as possible
  • to keep our contracting standards to the highest level so those who wish for the very best can have it.

The products we use

Dane Care will use only fast drying, quality oils that combine resins into the wooden floor surface to create a natural protective finish that:

  • is wear and water resistant, hence easy to clean
  • enriches the wood’s colour
  • enhances the grain
  • allows the floor to breath
  • is not slippery
  • contributes to quiet acoustics
  • has suitable sheen for the project.

This is Danish Polishing.

Cleaning equipment.

Happily living with your wood is just as important as having the initial project completed. Dane Care will maintain supply of appropriate cleaning equipment and materials for every finish system. This means owners of any type of wooden or laminate floor can correctly equip themselves and prevent water damage to their floor by using the Scandinavian dry and damp way of cleaning.

The Flat-Mop is used regularly to remove sand, dust and other dirt particles without using water. Its profile means that it easily reaches under furniture and into corners in a way brushes or traditional mops never can. The mop head is made from small loops of cotton and polyester that pick the dry particles off the floor. The Dane Care Flat-Mop does not use micro-fibres since experience has been that these are sometimes too aggressive on wooden surfaces.

When damp cleaning with a soap or cleaner solution is required, then the mop head comes easily away from its Velcro attachment for dipping in the cleaning solution and wringing out before use. Gone are the days of buckets, ragged mops and excess water on the floor.

It’s our intention that your floor is easy to look after and durable

Dane Care makes use of modern oil products to ensure that from the start their oils are well buffed in, the surface is dry, and that any wear can be repaired without disruptive sanding. The floor simply becomes more beautiful and hard wearing over the years.

Once you are equipped for dry and damp cleaning, you will find it incredibly easy. Dry dirt is cleaned from the floor, as often as possible without using water. The floor is damp cleaned only when needed, with a minimum use of a neutral soap solution. Natural Soap (pH 7) uses emollients extracted from Soya bean and coconut oils, which also retain the moisture in the floor, just as quality soap would for your hands.

Maintenance is for when the floor is worn. Wear can mean several things: sand & stone particles abrading the wood, or fats and greases set on the surface, or natural movement in the floor opening up gaps in the finish. Dane Care wet cleaning with alkali cleaner, followed by maintenance oiling, obliterates problems and restores the protective finish.

Correct cleaning and maintenance make the finish as durable as the wood itself.

Don’t forget you will be more comfortable if your home is warm and quiet

Choosing from Dane Care’s finsih systems will ensure the natural warmth is brought out of your wooden floor or furnishings. This is because Dane Care materials use the surface of the wood to create the protective finish rather than placing an artificial layer over it. Oiled surfaces are a pleasure to walk on and delight thousands of feet: little and large.

For the same reason, acoustics in an oiled-floor room are noticeably quieter than in a sealed-floor room.

There’s also no harm in being healthy!

It is evident that the materials used in building and decorating homes influence the living environment. Allergies and asthma have become among the fastest growing illnesses in the developed world and homeowners are increasingly concerned. An oiled wooden floor is one significant step that can be taken towards a healthier home.

Dane Care is constantly improving and testing itself; always aiming to meet the highest possible ecological standards. Only natural materials protect the floor and no perfumes, artificial colours or preservatives are used. Many products are approved and certified by independent laboratories and the IBR (the German institute for biological building materials in Rosenheim). They also are in accordance with DIN-norm 53-160. This assures the property owner that no toxic substances are transferred from the oiled floor to a person either orally or by touch.

Recently many of our products have been adapted so that they are VOC. This may be jargon to you, but put simply it means there is going to be nothing harmful to you in the air whilst work or maintenance is carried out in your home.

Our services are organised for wood floor clients to easily find the materials or a contractor to complete the finishing of a newly installed floor or refurbish an old one.

  • Supply of finishes, protective materials and cleaning products
  • Contract services for finishing new floors or maintaining older ones
  • Consultation helplines

Floor finishing helpline – 01952 727 899